A Guide to Hiriketiya Beach Sri Lanka

Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya beach is the ultimate spot for surfing. It is known as the surfer’s paradise.

Even though not a competition to Arugam Bay or to the Trincomalee’s beaches, Hiriketiya fights its way up to the visitor’s heart with its natural settings and the incredible ambiance.

It is a bay, perfectly shaped like a half-moon, with intense waters hitting the golden sand and the best part – the jungle facing the sea. Hiriketiya can be called, undoubtedly, a piece of art!

Hiriketiya is a unique bay by all means and it neighbors the southern town of Dickwella. It is the hidden gem of Sri Lanka.

The atmosphere is all perfect here in Hiriketiya. If you are looking for a laid-back life, without any hesitation, book your way to this beach.

Pic Credit : Wanderersandwarriors.com

Here you are welcomed by the palm trees lines on the beach, the rustic and local cafes that serve cocktails on the edge of the waters and the most importantly, a relaxed atmosphere.
This bay has turned out to be the favorite spot for surfers. The welcoming beach and its atmosphere is the main factor which resulted in the deep admiration.

In the past decade, there has been a migration of several Australians, who found themselves engaged in setting up hostels, restaurants, and hotels here, which gave Hiriketiya the mixed local-western culture essence, that makes the visitor’s experience more interesting here.

In a short note, let’s say Hiriketiya attracts a specific type of humans. One the surfers, of course, second the creative. Yes, the place is also a favorite spot for creative people who finds themselves more productive here. You can even find a working space (named Verve) here.

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Best Time to Visit Hiriketiya Beach

Sri Lanka is known for its two main seasons. One, from May to September. Along with it comes the south-west monsoon season. The second- from November to March, along with which the north-east monsoon season begins.

Time to Visit Hiriketiya Beach
Pic Credit : SaltHouseSriLanka.net

But when it comes to Hiriketiya, this pattern is seen not followed. It is a contradicting fact that the waves here are great throughout the year. If you visit the bay in the middle of the year also, you will find yourself enjoying the waters to the fullest.

But, expect yourself crowded with the surfers, since they tend to see themselves finding it difficult to leave the place. It was not an exaggeration when we said, Hiriketiya is a surfer’s paradise.

How to Reach Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya Beach is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, near Dickwella Beach. You have to first reach Mirissa Beach and from there to Dickwella. You can easily board a bus from Mirissa to Dickwella.

If you are boarding from Colombo, it takes almost 4 hours from Colombo to Dickwella. Unfortunately, trains don’t run in Dickwella.

Once you reach Dickwella, you can hire a tuk-tuk to Hiriketiya, which is only an hour away from Dickwella. Once you reach the closest stop in Hiriketiya, it will take a 20 minutes’ walk to the beach.

Or else you can go with the option of renting scooters which you can find in cheap rates here.

Things to do in Hiriketiya Beach

1. Surfing

As mentioned before, the surfing game is strong here. It is called the perfect spot because it can entertain all type of surfers here. From the newbies to the advanced level.

There is a fun wave for the beginners and an advanced reef break for higher grade surfers. You can meet people from all over the world when you surf here.

Surfing in Hiriketiya Beach

Remember Hiriketiya is smaller than Weligama and Arugam Bay. So you will be witnessing a lot of surfers vying for the same wave. To avoid the crowd and hustle, head to the waters just after the sunrise or during lunchtime.

Expect to deal with beginners, since they may be using a surfboard for the first time. In Hiriketiya, you can rent surfboards for $1 per hour and taking some surfing lessons starting from $15.

2. Do Yoga

There are stays in Hiriketiya that offers yoga sessions. It will be a good idea to head for yoga after your morning surf. If this is not a better way to start a day, then what is?

In the beach, you can find classes conducted in Dots Bay House and Jasper House. They offer daily classes for yoga for $7. Pay a visit when you feel a need to be rejuvenated.

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3. Visit Talalla Beach

When you are in Hiriketiya, make sure you visit Talalla Beach too. It is also close by the bay and almost 20 minutes west of Dickwella.

You can either rent a scooter or board a local bus from Dickwella to reach this place. The beach is as expected, calm, and relaxed.

It is a quite impressive oasis with a long stretch of shoreline when compared with Hiriketiya. The waves are super smooth and virtually non-existent. It is an ideal spot for children and for those who love to unwind on a Lilo in the Ocean.

4. Enjoy Hiriketiya Bay

The south coast of Srilanka has the main highway running alongside. Due to this, your island visit is usually spoiled by the sound of vehicles like buses, tuk-tuks, and scooters.

But this is where Hiriketiya stands out. Since the bay is almost 10-20 minutes away from the town of Dickwella, the beach is all uninterrupted by the unnecessary noise.

The beach is left all to yourself: no disruption, no chaos, and no noise, absolute calmness.

5. Hummanaya Blowhole

Hiriketiya is the home for the second largest blowhole in the world. It comes with an impressive height of 30 meters. It is situated near to Dickwella, in a bay not that far.

Hummanaya Blowhole
Pic Credit : www.ft.lk

The best time to visit the blowhole is during the monsoon season. It is during monsoon, and the seas are rough. If the water levels are low, it is not worth seeing the blowhole.

So before heading to the place, talk with the locals about the tides and how you can enjoy the most of it. For entering the blowhole, it will costs you $1.5.

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Where to Stay in Hiriketiya

  1. Peak House

    Peak House is the ultimate place for those you are in a tight budget. It is clean and comfortable even for that range of price too. The stay is not right on the beach.

The hospitality is quite impressive, and the food is also decent enough. Remember to try prawn braai and fish once you visit here. The rents for a double room will be $25. 

  1. Salt

    Salt is one of the perfect places to stay in when you visit Hiriketiya beach. The stay offers an open yoga shala, a pool and also a restaurant.

The pool helps you in cases you would not feel like visiting the ocean; this place will treat you with its charm. You can relax and have your drink by the side.


The rooms here are spacious with private bathrooms. They are beautifully decorated, and you will love the place. The breakfast here is served as a buffet, a-la-carte lunch and the dinner is served by the outside restaurant which is open to outside guests too. 

  1. Jasper House

This is the perfect place for all those romantic couples and honeymooners. The place is of great elegance, and the beauty is mesmerizing.

It is the right place if you are looking for a luxurious stay. The rent for a double room here will be $100.

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Where to Eat in Hiriketiya

  1. The Grove

    One of the things that should not be missed in Hiriketiya is the breakfast at The Grove. The tables here are of bamboo, and they are scattered around the vast garden.

    It is a perfect dreamy place when the evening lights are up with the fairy lamps. They also offer room for guests. The must-try menu here is pancakes, or eggs with potato rosti and foamy flat whites. They serve everything from breakfast to dinner.

  2. Dots Bay House

    Dots Bay House is one of the favorite hangouts in Hiriketiya. It is a mix of all three; a hostel, a bar, and a restaurant. The restaurant believes in the role of protecting the planet; hence, they don’t serve plastics in the form of bottles or straws.

    Dots Bay House
    Pic Credit : Mokumsurfclub.com

    The menu is rich with local and western dishes. You will get a chance to try both. The cocktails here are pretty famous. The great taste of local fruits will leave you speechless.

  3. Salt

Salt is not only known for their hospitality by also their culinary skills. The lunch and dinner menu here are quite impressive. Even though the menu changes according to the product availability, the menu is prepared in western style.

The ingredients are fresh and locally sourced hence guaranteed the quality of the food. When you visit this place, a suggestion would be to try the hummus and the catch of the day along with grilled vegetables.

  1. Rice and Curry

Rice and Curry is the place you should visit if you are looking for Srilankan cuisine. What makes the restaurant interesting is that they have a buffet leaving you with the option of serving yourself with all types of curries, string hoppers, and rice.

Try hoppers and kothu roti which are quite delicious too. The restaurant is located on the road from Hiriketiya to Dickwella. The price here will surprise you since it is ridiculously cheap.

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